Magali Delarosa is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter/actress/designer born in South Texas, now living in Los Angeles. Since releasing her single, she has been asked to be the face of a clothing line and modeling company. Magali released her first single called Revival in 2015. She also released an amazing video for the song, and has recorded it in spanish. The buzz from her new single has already created opporunities with some record labels.

Magali Delarosa
Screams of Syrens

Screams of Syrens is a metalcore band from Pomona, CA.

Screams of Syrens delivers blistering breakdowns with hard rock riff elements and gigantic beautiful choruses. SOS pushes the boundaries of modern metal music

Kendra McCabe is a singer-songwriter on the brink of success. Her lyrics are emotional and straight from the heart, with a bittersweet edge and biting intelligence. Her musical style is versatile and a crossover between Pop, Rock and Country. She has a wide range of musical influences, from Carrie Underwood to Demi Lovato to the Muse to Taylor Swift. And with a soft spot for the Jonas Brothers and Japanese pop, she incorporates both and all into a unique lyrical and vocal style that’s undeniably her own.

I started writing music for fun my senior year of high school, but it wasn't until I stepped on stage to perform in front of hundreds of people, that I realized music was my comfort and zone. I have now been writing for 4 years, and more certain of this dream than ever before.  I am Cajun raised and Islander descent, reflective to my music.  Hip hop is pretty terrible now a a day in my opinion. I'd like to bring some much needed, substantial song-writing back to the game. Huh now.


Kendra McCabe